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Payless Disposal Inc.

(403) 397-JUNK (5865) (403) 680-BINS (2467)

Welcome to our website. Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 680-BINS is a Calgary Alberta born company. It is 100% locally owned and we have been in operation since 2003. Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 397-JUNK is now a well established company with several trucks and calgary garbage bins to serve you better. Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 680-BINS is committed to providing you the customer with the finest calgary garbage collection service which includes calgary's surrounding areas. We hope you enjoy this website and choose Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 397-JUNK for all your Junk Removal and Bin Service needs. Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 680-BINS has served thousands of happy Calgarians in the past 6 years. Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 397-JUNK would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has recommended Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 680-BINS. When calgary garbage pickup was required by one of your friends, neighbors or co-workers you recommended us to provide fast and efficient service.

Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 397-JUNK will remove single couches, carports, reno debris, tear outs from sewer back ups, garages, and clutter. We provide Roll Off Waste Bins Calgary to the construction, renovation and private consumer market. Our storage bins containers calgary are suitable for a multitude of waste disposal needs such as new construction waste, renovation debris, roof strip offs, general rubbish and even long accumulated household junk. Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 680-BINS is also able to haul waste disposal recycling calgary dense materials such as concrete and dirt. Our rates are up front and easy to understand. Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 397-JUNK is ready to take on anything waste disposal calgary related so you don’t have to. With 6 years experience, you are getting nothing less than professional service.

Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 680-BINS is a fully compliant waste removal companies calgary providing WCB. Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 397-JUNK carries 2 million in commercial waste bins Junk Removal calgary liability. Payless is a legal carrier that is licensed, registered and insured to haul waste disposal containers calgary within Alberta. Payless employs outstanding staff, and we operate modern waste Removal calgary equipment to minimize potential downtime. Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 680-BINS has well maintained waste disposal bins calgary equipment. Our labourers wear safety steel toed boots on every job. Trash Waste Disposal Calgary is an occupation like no other, and Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 397-JUNK takes safety seriously. Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 680-BINS provides its customers with security by putting their safety first. Our customers are our chief concern. Payless Disposal Inc. aka 397-JUNK takes it's business of providing storage bins calgary seriously. We are hauling rubbish removal calgary and waste but our customer is not just a number, they are the heart and soul of our storage container calgary business.

Your locally owned and operated Payless Disposal Inc. also known as 680-BINS and 397-JUNK is here to help you Pay Less! We Will Take a Load Off Your Mind!

Enjoy your time on our recycle bins calgary website and call our dispatch if you have any questions about rent bin calgary!

(403) 397-JUNK (5865) (403) 680-BINS (2467)


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  4. Payless Disposal Inc.

    "We Will Take a Load Off Your Mind!"
    Calgary bins rental waste trash garbage junk removal
    call us today!
    (403) 680-BINS (2467)

  5. At Payless Disposal we provide Junk Removal and Dumpster Rentals. We have the recipe for a clutter-free life. We will take a load off your mind guaranteed! From junk and waste disposal to appliance and furniture removal Payless Disposal will take a load off your mind! We don't want our
    customers to think they'll love us, instead we want you to try us for yourself and then you'll know you love us. Remember, were not a franchise with high overhead and shareholders. Nope, we are a locally owned and operated company raising a family like other calgarians.

    Junk Removal

    How big a load is determines how much you will pay. You won't be charged extra hidden charges like most franchise operations. All applicable fees are set and determined on site. The quoted price is what you will pay. No surprises! There is no guess work. With our junk removal service we provide free phone estimates and quotes live in person. We charge fairly and don't bill like a franchised operation. Use our dumpster-rental service and select from a variety of easy-to-use dumpster containers, and be charged only according to what you put in the container. You can count on us to be prompt, professional, and timely. You can feel good about supporting a company that cares about the community because we are part of the Calgary Community.

  6. Learn more about convenient and hassle-free hand loading and Junk Removal Service. Sit back and relax while we haul away your unwanted trash,garbage,junk, appliances and furniture to the dump. All you do is tell us what needs to be removed. That's Junk Removal Made easy.

    Make Your Next Dumpster Rental Easy.

    Our roll off bins and dumpsters are for anyone who needs to do some garbage or junk removal. Our Garbage Bins are perfect for yard projects, renovations, and construction projects. Work at your own pace and de-clutter your life. At Payless Disposal Junk Removal and Dumpster Rentals are both good methods to quickly get rid of waste. Renting a dumpster is an easy way to clean up after big jobs. Our drop-off service delivers the proper sized dumpster for your site. All you do is fill it and call us when your ready to Dump it. We then haul it to the dump for you.

  7. Payless Disposal-Junk Removal Estimates - Call us for a roll off dumpster or for junk removal
    Payless Disposal-Junk Removal Clean up - Call us to let us know the dumpster is ready for removal, and we will remove your dumpster and transport it for recycling and proper disposal.

    Call Us Today at 403-680-2467(BINS)
    email us at

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